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Club Kastalia Holiday Village was built in 1985 on 52000 sqm of land by the company 'Ali Kuyumcu and his sons Co.İnc.' and contained 186 rooms. Between 1985 and 1992, the Holiday Village was named 'Club Aquarius' and later in 1992 the name was changed to 'Club Kastalia'. In the course of time, with the increase in customer demand and the expanding potential in the tourism industry, the number of rooms was increased to 212. During the renovation project in 2009 the room number first reached to 312 later in 2015 Kastalia became a Club on 60000 sqm with 406 rooms.

The name of the Club comes from Greek Mythology; Kastalia is the name of a fountain of inspiration on the Parane mountain area. In addition it also means ‘a pure beauty and a young lady’. In accordance with its beautiful name, the Club has always tried to reflect its beauty and to preserve it. From the year the resort opened until today, the Company’s main principle has always been to operate the Club while protecting the nature. From the opening year of the Club the company has been giving importance to the building areas, the heights of the buildings and even the materials and colors used should all be chosen in order to blend in with nature and give a soft view. Our purpose is to give our guests a place surrounded by green nature with the scent of flowers where they can feel happiness, peace and can get away from the chaos of cities and stress. This is the place where you are provided with a perfect service to enable you to feel relaxed and alive. This is the place where green and blue meets. As having the honor of being one of the very rare clubs that protect the beauties of nature, we feel very appreciated and honored with our more than 30 years of repeat guests. Thanks to our guests, Club Kastalia is today more a family environment than a business company. We cherish the Club as a place that our guests call a ‘second home’ for them.

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