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Our club did not change the main principles of the club for 30 years. We, the Club Kastalia Family want to offer the best possible service to our guests while we also protect the environment. We take our social responsibility seriously and pursue these goals: 

As Club Kastalia;

  • We involve our employees actively in our environmental policy.
  • We train our employees in the use of resources.
  • We inform our guests with the information cards available in our rooms about our goals in terms of environmental protection.
  • We ask our guests to their help to achieve our environmental goals.
  • In our office we use the papers on both sides and then we give them for recycling.
  • To involve our guests to our environmental protection program and to do more for the environment we have put 9 Recycling trash in our holiday village available for the use of our guests.
  • In our rooms and generally in the club, we use energy-saving materials. Even Lighting equipment is selected from the energy-efficient electrical appliances.
  • We obtain solar water heating energy with solar panels.
  • In the gardens we use the method of drip irrigation to save water.
  • Especially in the kitchen and in the bar area and in all departments we separate the waste depending on its material and we send them for recycling.
  • The hazardous waste produced in our plant is disposed under environmental legislation.
  • We train our employees regularly for the use of detergents and disinfectants, so that they use the correct basis.
  • If you want to help us save energy and water, we can change your sheets and towels on your request rarely. (Leave the towels on the floor, when a change is desired). Less we change more we save energy and water.
  • In order not to lose power, we make sure that we close the doors and the window while we use the air conditioning. We expect the same behavior by our guests.
  • We have earned a Resort Certification for our clean sea and our well-tended beach with the symbol 'Blue Flag'.
  • We protect the sea turtles that come to our beach and in our gardens we protect the species of plants.
  • We have 24 hours housekeeping and cleaning staff working in our Club to minimize the Environment pollution and they also allow the club area to be clean all the time.

We appreciate your support! Thank you!

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