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  • How can I order a birthday surprise?

    You can book a decorated birthday table with cake from the Guest Relation and Reception. In order to receive a birthday table with a cake, you must book one day in advance. Unfortunately we can not accept any cake orders on the event day.

    Also, for other occasions such as anniversaries you can talk to us to organize everything.

  • How often do the animation shows take place?

    Our animation shows take place 6 days a week in our Amphitheater. On Saturday, our Animation Team is free.

  • What does the Animation program include?

    Our Animation program runs 6 days a week (Saturday our team is free). During the day there are activities such as Volleyball, Boccia, Darts, shuffleboard, Water Aerobics and Yoga. Mini Club is also included in our program, where the children are entertained by our Animateurs and they play with them and activities are performed together with the children.

    The exact information such as times and locations of the activities can be seen on the information board or can be asked to our Animation Team.

  • Where are the Club Rooms?

    The Club Rooms are located in our Bungalow Rooms on the upper and lower floors. The Club Family Rooms are always located on the upper floor of the bungalows. The bungalow buildings are located in the middle of the club complex, between the Reception and the 3-floored buildings.

  • Where are the Superior Rooms?

    The Superior Rooms are the 3-floored buildings; next to the Aquapark and on the both sides of the silence pool.

  • Where are the Single Rooms?

    The Single Rooms are the double rooms for single use. The double rooms are located both in our Club rooms and Superior rooms.

  • Are there any main and side buildings in the Club?

    No there are no main and side buildings in the Club. There are Superior Rooms in the 3-floored buildings and Club Booms in the bungalows.

  • Are there sea view rooms in the club complex?

    We do not have rooms with a sea view.

  • What are the working hours / opening hours of the Aquapark?

    The Aquapark is open 7 days a week, between 01st of May and 20th of October. Working hours during the day are as follows: 10:30 - 12:30 and 14:00 - 16:30.

  • Do we offer an airport transfer?

    We offer both shuttle services and private transfers if needed. For detailed information and bookings, please contact with this email address: guestrelation@clubkastalia.com.tr

  • When is Check In? When is Check Out?

    The check in time starts at 14:00. The check out time ends at 12:00.

    A chargeable late check out is only possible upon availability and must be requested at the Reception on the day of departure until 12:00.

  • Is it possible to reserve certain rooms or room numbers?

    You can not reserve a specific room area or room number in advance. If you have booked a Club / Bungalow Room, you can not reserve the upper or lower floor in advance. If you have booked a Superior Room, you can not reserve a room at the silence pool area or in the new building near Aquapark.

    You are welcome to send us a room request in advance by e-mail, which we would like to note for you. However, we can not guarantee in advance that your request will be fulfilled.

  • Is there a children's buffet?

    In our main restaurant, there is a small children's buffet with variable foods for children, both for lunch and dinner.

  • What is to be found outside of the Club? How far are the centers?

    The center of Alanya is 12 km, the Konakli center is 1 km from the Club. Both centers can be reached by mini-bus and by taxi. In both centers there are shopping malls, bazaars and pharmacies.

  • What are the current Dolmuş (bus) and taxi costs?

    The dolmus currently costs € 1.00 per person / trip. The exact taxi costs are available at the Reception for information. Our reception can call you a taxi at any time.

  • Is there an ATM?

    There is no ATM within the club area. The nearest ATM is about 10 minutes walk distance to both the right and left sides. There you can withdraw the money in euros, dollars and Turkish lira. In the center of Konakli there are several ATM’s to withdraw money.

  • Are there beach towels to borrow?

    You can get beach towel cards from our reception for a deposit. With this card you will receive the beach towel from our SPA Center. Per card you get one beach towel per day. Everyday in the afternoon you can leave the towel back to the Spa center and get your card back to receive a new towel for the next day. At the end of your holiday you return the beach towel card and the corresponding deposit receipt to the Reception and then you get back your deposit.

    The white towels in the rooms are not allowed to use on the beach and pool areas.

  • Are the pools in the club area heated or cooled?

    Our pool facilities are not heated or cooled.

  • Is there a range of lactose-free and gluten-free meals in the Club?

    We have lactose-free milk and gluten-free bread on request. Upon request, our kitchen team is always willing to prepare food especially for allergy sufferers.

  • How does the usage of tennis courts work?

    You can use our tennis courts by booking to the list in front of the tennis courts. Per court per hour the usage costs 10 euros. You can also hire equipment such as tennis rackets and tennis balls for charge from our tennis instructor. Our tennis teacher is available 6 days a week and you can take tennis lessons for charge.

    Please note that if you are a group and would like to play at certain times, you must ask the availability before booking the trip. Reservations can be made via emailing to sekuyumcu@clubkastalia.com.tr.

  • How can I reserve beach volleyball courts?

    We have a total of 32 volleyball courts which 2 of them are always serving for our Club guests where you can play on availability. Also our Animation Team offers every day volleyball games.

    If you want to play as a group at fixed times on our volleyball courts, we ask you to request the field reservation before booking to us. Since we have many volleyball groups at the beginning and end of the season every year, a timely inquiry is very important. You should e-mail your volleyball reservation request to Ms. Elif Kuyumcu before booking to the Club.

  • Where can I borrow game equipments?

    You can borrow game equipments during working hours from our Animation. You will find the Animation Team in the club area or in the backstage of the Amphitheater. To borrow games, you must pay a deposit which you get back when the equipments are returned.

  • How is the usage of the Fitness Center regulated?

    Our fitness center is open every day from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m for you.

    We ask you to handle the equipment carefully and to return dumbbells or mats to their original place. Our fitness center has a disinfectant dispenser with which you should disinfect the device after usage. The Fitness Center can only be used with sportswear and sports shoes. Street or swimwear is not allowed. For safety reasons, the use of the fitness center is only permitted from the age of 16.

    If you have any questions about the individual equipment, our animation staff is at your service.

  • Where can I get some drinks after 00:00 o'clock?

    Our All Inclusive concept is open until 00:00. From then on, you may continue to receive drinks at our Schatz Bar on the beach for a fee. To pay for the drinks, you can get a drink card from the Reception by putting desired amount for spendings. The cost of the drinks will be charged from this given card.

  • Where can you get hot water after 00:00?

    You can receive hot water from our Tea Garden for 24 hours. In addition, in the Club Family Rooms and in the Superior Family Rooms there is a kettle available for hot water (not suitable to boil milk).

  • Are there lunch package (food package for your trip)?

    You can receive on your trip day a lunch package per person from our Reception. Lunch packages must be pre-ordered to the reception until 8:00 p.m. one day before departure and their the pick-up times are between 12:00 a.m. in the night to 7:30 a.m. in the morning.

  • What are the WiFi prices?

    1 hour - 1, - €
    1 day - 2, - €
    1 week - 12, - €
    2 weeks - 24, - €
    3 weeks - 36, - €

    The prices only apply to one device at a time. You will receive the access code from our Reception.

  • Do we offer room service?

    We do not offer room service in our Club.

  • Is it possible to use the Club from outside without a room reservation?

    You can use the Club daily by paying 30,00 Euros per person and the usage of the  Club for such guests are from 09:00 a.m. to 20:30 p.m. By having this daily usage opportunity, you can use our entire All-Inclusive program without having a room. Please do know that in order to use Tennis courts, additional charge which is 10€ per court per hour, is required to be paid.  

  • Can we use our Tennis and Beach Volleyball courts from outside?

    You can use our Tennis courts and Beach Volleyball courts only if you pay the daily usage amount of the Club which is 30€ per person per day and the Tennis court usage is also extra paid which is 10€ per court per day.

  • Does the club have its own beach? What is the structure of the beach?

    Our Club is located directly on the beach and has direct access. Our beach is a pebble/sandy beach with stone sand, which is sieved and cleaned every year before the start of the season.

  • Where can you find the Club concept/ Hotel description?

    You can find our Club concept in 4 languages on our website www.clubkastalia.com.tr and the hotel descriptions on the respective pages of the travel agencies.

    When you check in to your room you can also find our Club concept in the information folder in 4 languages.

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